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Home Design at Reasonable Prices

The best place to find unusual home designs in Melbourne is Bright Dream Homes. We've been able to put together the most comprehensive house design offering thanks to our reputation and relationships in the industry. Our selection covers a wide range of residences to meet your individual requirements. No matter what size or kind of home you require, we are certain that we can assist you in building it from the ground up!

Single Storey House

Our magnificent single-story home designs encompass your way of life. It never matters how accurate the designs are; what matters is the vision you have in mind, and making that vision a reality is another matter entirely.

We have included high-quality finishes to make sure your home is ready to be moved into since we think you should be able to finish it without needing to "upgrade" and "add-ons." Knowing that you will receive a top-notch, fully finished home at a reasonable price will give you piece of mind.

Double Storey Homes

You always seek room, quiet, and comfort when you get home at the end of the day, which is why our double-story home designs create luxurious living with an open space to let you relax and enjoy.

By offering upfront, honest pricing that includes a well-finished home that meets contemporary standards, we have streamlined the construction process. Each of our designs is painstakingly made to fit a variety of family lives while providing all the current conveniences.

Town House

Homes that bring people together are frequently created with ideas, desires, and styles that appeal to your taste. We construct a contemporary townhouse with a compact footprint that has several stories.

We think that constructing a new home is not just about making money. We want you to enjoy the process of creating a new home. Our entire crew is passionate about creating homes, and they are all devoted to making sure that customers are heard and that we can fulfil our promises.


If you have any feedback or suggestion for us we are here to listen.


Because building a new house is a lifetime investment. Choose wisely!

Quality Build

Attaining premium quality construction is nevermore a choice; it’s a priority to us.

Customer Service

We build a house providing our customers an unpretentious satisfaction in their legacy.

Turn Key

By selecting a turn-key package for your new home, we can give you a hassle-free experience.